The FLIPPA-M2 incorporates magnets into the M1 design in much the same way the S2 does with the S1. Using these magnets in conjunction with a metallic cover, the FLIPPA-M2 can be placed at an angle or even upside-down. This way it can be installed in the sides of cabinets or other such small spaces.

To use this device a Polymeric Tab, a Cover, a Ring and a cable/power source are needed.

There are two versions: a 5V and a 12V; which can be plugged into one of our power sources, or any USB outlet. A secondary cover to let air into the space may be needed as well. If you're unsure if you need one, you can contact us at Our team will be happy to help!

The FLIPPA-M2 slides into any of our standard rings, and can be fixed in place using screws, adding anti-theft capabilities.


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